Saturday, February 12, 2005

Virtuadept Level 3

A super-hacker from the year 2112, Virtuadept was trapped in an errant time-stream caused by a malfunction in his Chronotrigger time travel device. He lost control and when he "landed" in the current time, his Chronotrigger was destroyed. Virtuadept is searching out local technology that might be used to construct a new Chronotrigger and send him back to his own time. In the meantime he has decided to help the downtrodden and build up some wealth and influence, power never hurts in putting together expensive technology.

Virtuadept is a Blaster, he is a technology expert, so his powers all come from technological devices. He has a special energy suit that lets him manipulate energy and hurl lightning balls and bolts at his enemies, and he can also manipulate kinetic energy to a degree and blow back his enemies with a powerful kinetic punch using his cybernetic arm. Virtuadept also has some hover-boots that he constructed himself that help him get around faster.

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