Saturday, February 12, 2005

Salubri Level 5

Born in 1401, Natasha was the daughter of a modest nobleman in eastern Europe. She was approached on her 20th birthday by a strange, mysterious man in a dark hood. The "man" eventually revealed himself to be a Salubri, a vampire. Unlike other vampires, the Salubri had developed their blood potency to such a level as to be unaffected by sunlight. They also could use their mystic powers over the blood to heal. The Salubri helped and healed others from the shadows. Natasha accepted his offer to make her one of the Salubri and he Embraced her with the Dark Gifts. Over the next few centuries he trained her in the mystical arts and about her vampiric nature. Now she uses her powers for the good of mankind. Salubri prefers to hunt at night. She feeds off the scum of society and in the process manages to help others in need.

Salubri is a Defender, she has several healing powers. She also uses her psychic vampiric powers to stun her enemies. Salubri can mystically hover over the earth and propel herself at great speed.

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