Saturday, February 12, 2005

Greensteel at Level 3

Forged in the dark corners of the universe, the entity now known as Greensteel was once a ruthless, souless killing machine. After a deep-space science vessel found his dormant space craft, he was accidentally awakened from a stasis-mode and went on a killing rampage among the explorers. One of the scientists was a brilliant robotics engineer, who managed to take over his circuitry and reprogrammed him with Susan Calvin's laws of robotics. The new programming forced Greensteel to benefit humanity rather than destroy. They sent him back to earth so that he could help out, but he's only really good for one thing... taking out the garbage. Greensteel seems happy to help, he enjoys rescuing people and enforcing the laws of the city. He follows his new programming.... for now.

Greensteel is a Tanker, he is good at brawling and taking lots of damage. He can also turn on thrusters in his boots to race along hovering over the ground at a good clip.

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