Monday, March 21, 2005

Canceled CoH

I don't have time for more than one MMOG right now so I canceled CoH. I'm playing WoW now (when I do play which isn't often lately). Check out my general gaming blog for more games stuff here.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Virtuadept - Level 6

Got some new shots of Virtuadept at level 6, he is now level 7. I have not figured out a good, quick way to share these images. Well anyway so I did use flickr to do one "set", and you can view that set Evil on the Rooftop here.

Some shots of Virtuadept in ACTION...

Using his knockback fist attack - Free Image Hosting at

Power Punch! Free Image Hosting at

Shock Em All! Free Image Hosting at

You will PAY for your lack of VISION! Free Image Hosting at

Virtuadept's hover-boots allow him to leap over fences! Free Image Hosting at

Grinding the rail. Free Image Hosting at

Master of My Domain Free Image Hosting at

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Mutant Weapon X - Level 5

Mutant Weapon X just woke up, bub. He has no memory of who he was. All he knows is that he has a strong urge to waste people. Bad people. And he is just the man to do it. He's got razor sharp adamantium claws and he regenerates at an astonishing rate. Can you guess what Marvel intellectual property he might be based on? :)

I made this character as my first one on a lark, I had no intention of playing him long. I just used him to learn the mechanics of the game and get a feel for the game world for a bit, before I came up with my own ideas. Anyway this is to show you how easy it is to imitate your favorite comic book hero using the CoH character maker.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Virtuadept Level 3

A super-hacker from the year 2112, Virtuadept was trapped in an errant time-stream caused by a malfunction in his Chronotrigger time travel device. He lost control and when he "landed" in the current time, his Chronotrigger was destroyed. Virtuadept is searching out local technology that might be used to construct a new Chronotrigger and send him back to his own time. In the meantime he has decided to help the downtrodden and build up some wealth and influence, power never hurts in putting together expensive technology.

Virtuadept is a Blaster, he is a technology expert, so his powers all come from technological devices. He has a special energy suit that lets him manipulate energy and hurl lightning balls and bolts at his enemies, and he can also manipulate kinetic energy to a degree and blow back his enemies with a powerful kinetic punch using his cybernetic arm. Virtuadept also has some hover-boots that he constructed himself that help him get around faster.

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Salubri Level 5

Born in 1401, Natasha was the daughter of a modest nobleman in eastern Europe. She was approached on her 20th birthday by a strange, mysterious man in a dark hood. The "man" eventually revealed himself to be a Salubri, a vampire. Unlike other vampires, the Salubri had developed their blood potency to such a level as to be unaffected by sunlight. They also could use their mystic powers over the blood to heal. The Salubri helped and healed others from the shadows. Natasha accepted his offer to make her one of the Salubri and he Embraced her with the Dark Gifts. Over the next few centuries he trained her in the mystical arts and about her vampiric nature. Now she uses her powers for the good of mankind. Salubri prefers to hunt at night. She feeds off the scum of society and in the process manages to help others in need.

Salubri is a Defender, she has several healing powers. She also uses her psychic vampiric powers to stun her enemies. Salubri can mystically hover over the earth and propel herself at great speed.

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Greensteel at Level 3

Forged in the dark corners of the universe, the entity now known as Greensteel was once a ruthless, souless killing machine. After a deep-space science vessel found his dormant space craft, he was accidentally awakened from a stasis-mode and went on a killing rampage among the explorers. One of the scientists was a brilliant robotics engineer, who managed to take over his circuitry and reprogrammed him with Susan Calvin's laws of robotics. The new programming forced Greensteel to benefit humanity rather than destroy. They sent him back to earth so that he could help out, but he's only really good for one thing... taking out the garbage. Greensteel seems happy to help, he enjoys rescuing people and enforcing the laws of the city. He follows his new programming.... for now.

Greensteel is a Tanker, he is good at brawling and taking lots of damage. He can also turn on thrusters in his boots to race along hovering over the ground at a good clip.

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